Sales & Service for VFD Air Compressors

Serving customers in Cranston, RI and across New England, Cal Supply Company, Inc. sells and services VFD (variable frequency drive) air compressors like the Sullivan/Palatek VFD rotary screw compressor. These electronically controlled units are available in 15 to 300 HP models ideal for factories, auto shops and other industrial applications with varying air output needs.

Innovative VFD technology delivers substantial operational savings over fixed-speed compressors. A variable-speed compressor operates more efficiently (and uses far less electricity) by compressing only as much air as is needed. This reduces the number of times each day that the compressor goes through a process of loading and unloading—a wasteful time when no work is being done. Utility companies and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge program recognize VFDs for their energy efficiency, and energy savings up to 50% are not unusual.

Advantages of Variable Speed Compressors

Electronic controls are the key to VFD technology. Instead of consuming the same amount of power, no matter how much compressed air you need, these controls allow a variable frequency drive compressor to increase motor speed when a lot of air is being used and slow it down as demand subsides. As compressor speed decreases, power consumption decreases proportionately. The cost savings improve your bottom line.


Other benefits of Sullivan-Palatek variable drive frequency compressors include:

  • Soft starting of the motor, which eliminates utility demand charges associated with full-voltage startups
  • Less wear & tear on controls by reducing the number of load/unload cycles
  • Standard NEMA t-frame motors; no special “hot-rodded,” foreign-sourced or proprietary motor designs
  • Variable speed cooling fan motors that react to compressor temperatures for additional energy savings on some models

Cal Supply Services & Repairs All Compressor Types

During more than 30 years in business, Cal Supply has built a reputation for quality air compressor sales and service across New England. We work hard to understand the demands of your business and develop practical, cost-effective solutions like VFD compressors to meet your specific needs.

Cal Supply’s service department expertly installs, maintains and repairs all types and brands of fixed and variable-speed air compressors, and we provide round-the-clock emergency field repairs to keep your operation going when a vital piece of equipment fails. Call Cal Supply at 1.800.431.2212 to learn more about VFD air compressor technology and its potential benefit for your unique business application.