The Transair engineered piping system is a cost-effective way to install an efficient and attractive piping system. The smooth-bore pipe keeps fluid friction to a minimum and imposes a very low pressure drop. The pipe is available in aluminum for air, vacuum and inert gases, and stainless steel for water. The aluminum pipe is available in powder coat finishes for easy identification. The Transair piping system is completely mechanical. No flame is required for assembly so it’s ideal for sensitive areas.

The light weight of the pipe along with the design of the fittings and hangers makes installation go much faster than a comparable steel or copper piping system. The ease of installation means you will save a considerable amount of money on labor, and the finished appearance of the Transair system makes your production area look great! Transair is corrosion resistant, so it keeps its’ good looks over time. One of the biggest advantages to the Transair system is how easy it is to modify to fit changing needs in your plant.

Transair Stainless Steel Piping for Water

acc_transairsstankTransair offers a line of 304 Stainless Steel piping for use with liquids. The primary application of this piping is for industrial water with additives. It is offered in sizes of 22mm (3/4”), 28mm (1”), 42mm (1½”), 60mm (2¼)”, 76mm (3”) and 100mm (4”).

This fully mechanical system allows for joints to be easily disassembled and re-used as needed, making maintenance and modification of industrial water systems much easier to perform. This system is rated for pressures up to 145 PSI and operating temperatures from –4°F to +185°F for the ¾ and 1” sizes and up to 140°F for the larger sizes.

The ¾ and 1” sizes use push-to connect fittings. The larger sizes use different locking mechanisms. The Transair system makes using stainless steel easy and economical!