Special Purpose Air Compressors

Some applications require a special purpose-built air compressor for reasons of performance, features or economy. Some examples are compressors for climate control systems in large buildings, compressors for dry sprinkler systems, 12 volt compressors for tow trucks, compressors to be operated off of a truck’s power take-off, and compressors for utility company circuit breakers.

Some special purpose compressors are available off the shelf. Others can be built to your specifications.


Climate Control System Compressors


Our climate control system compressors are known for trouble free operation, long life and built in efficiencies you can count on to keep them operating smoothly.

  • Low Operating RPM for Longer Component Life
  • Greater Energy Efficiency
  • Available as Compressor / Dryer package
  • 1/2 to 25 HP Units Available

Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System Compressors

Cal's line of Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler System Air Compressors are specifically designed to meet the requirements of NFPA 13.

  • Lubricated and Oil Less Units Available
  • Tank and Base Mounted Units Available
  • Available as Compressor / Dryer package
  • 1/6 to 5 HP Models Available

Nitrogen Inflation System


Cal Supply's nitrogen generating system provides a way to produce, store and dispense nitrogen, primarily for the filling of automobile and truck tires. The system is built around a membrane which does the actual separation of the nitrogen from compressed air. The other components of the system include filtration to protect the membrane, a storage tank, an analyzer to check the purity of the gas, and a filling station which will automatically purge the air from the tire and refill it with nitrogen.

The concept of filling tires with nitrogen has been around for a long time for critical applications like airplanes. Nitrogen takes a lot longer to leak out of a tire, so tires stay at the correct pressure longer.

The advantages of nitrogen filled tires are many:

  • Tires wear longer at the correct operating pressure
  • Maintenance labor is reduced because the pressure doesn’t have to be checked as often
  • Vehicles with properly inflated tires use less fuel
  • The dry, oxygen-free environment inside of a nitrogen filled tire prevents rusting of the rim and oxidation of the tire itself. If you retread tires the core will be re-useable for a longer time, and tire failures caused by oxidation at high running temperatures will be reduced.
  • Cars with tire pressure sensors won’t experience as many problems because there will no longer be water and oxygen inside the tire.