Hydraulic Oil Coolers

Production equipment that incorporates a hydraulic power unit typically needs cooling as well. Water cooled oil coolers are often the equipment manufacturer’s choice because of their low cost, small size and no need for ventilation.

Water Cooled Oil Coolers have maintenance requirements. If untreated or inadequately treated cooling water is used, internal corrosion and fouling of the oil cooler will result. Acids that can develop in the hydraulic oil can also corrode the inside of the oil cooler.

Cal Supply Co. can provide a water cooled oil cooler to replace a failed or failing oil cooler in your facility. If you’re not sure what you need, please contact us. We can tell you what to look for and measure to make sure you get the cooler you need. We can make recommendations on changing the materials of construction of “problem” oil coolers to increase life span.

In facilities with cooling water problems, an alternative is to install an Air Cooled Oil Cooler. These eliminate the cost of water and provide a source of ambient heat for the cold months. During the warm months, the ventilation of the area must be looked at. Since air cooled oil coolers cannot deliver as cold an outlet temperature as water cooled oil coolers during the warmer months, some supplemental cooling from water or a chiller may be needed for a short time. However, even with the additional expense of this supplemental cooling, the overall savings in water and maintenance cost will still usually justify the conversion. Cal Supply Co. will work with you to size and install an air cooled oil cooler or water to air conversion.

Sometimes the best bet is to “clean up” your cooling water system by installing a closed loop cooling system filled with propylene glycol and water as a coolant. To learn more about closed loop cooling systems click here.