vfd-preferedThe cost of energy has become a much larger portion of the cost of doing business. Compressed air is a very useful utility, but it’s also an expensive utility. It would be great if businesses could get a compressed air bill every month in order to track the cost – unfortunately this is not the case.

The way to get a handle on what compressed air is costing you and how much you can reduce that cost begins with Cal Supply’s energy conservation equipment and services listed below.

Cal Supply Co. is an advocate of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Compressed Air Challenge program. Our staff is trained to apply the Best Practices developed by this worthwhile program to make your plant as efficient as it can be. We have data acquisition equipment and are trained and certified in the use of DOE’s Aimaster+ analysis software as well as other tools.

Energy Conservation Products

  • Premium Efficiency Motors
  • Pressure Regulators & Controllers
  • Synthetic Lubricants
  • Storage Tanks
  • Compressor Controllers & Sequencers
  • Transair Piping
  • Solenoid Valves
  • High Volume Quick Change Couplers
  • Zero Loss Drains

Energy Conservation Services

  • Compressor kW Metering
  • Compressed Air Piping Survey
  • Compressed Air Usage Survey
  • Ultrasonic Leak Survey
  • Compressor Condition Survey

Premium Efficiency Motors

Depending on size, Cal's premium efficiency motors are from 1% to 5% more efficient than standard EPAct ratings. This doesn’t sound like much, but over time the savings add up to big money. Also, many utilities offer incentives to replace failed motors with Premium Efficiency models.

Zero Loss Drains

Cal Supply's zero loss drains are designed to eliminate the loss of compressed air that is inherent in the use of timed solenoid drains. Only condensate is drained. No compressed air is wasted.