Air Compressor Parts for Sale


Cal Supply offers a wide variety of industrial equipment accessories, click on the type of accessory you are looking for to get more information. If the product you are looking for is not listed below please click here to email us your inquiry.

Air Chucks

Used primarily for filling tires, air chucks can also be used for filling portable air tanks. These are available in different shapes and sizes, and some include a pressure gauge.

Air Hose & Accessories

Cal Supply can provide air hose in all sizes and types. We can make up hoses in any length you need.

Coilhose type air hoses are also called self storing hoses because the coils retract when released. They are popular for bench work applications and some models have swivel ends to make tools easier to manipulate.

Cal Supply carries hose reels in all sizes and lengths. Models are available in spring rewound, and motorized types.

Quick Disconnect Air Hose Couplers are mounted on compressed air outlets and compressed air hoses to provide a safe, easy way to connect. Safety models are available that will vent pressure from the hose before it can be removed from the coupler. These are available in various sizes and flow capacities.


Quick Disconnect Air Hose Nipples are designed to work with the Quick Disconnect couplers (above) and come in various sizes, threads and flow capacities.

Cal Supply carries conventional worm-drive hose clamps as well as many types of permanent hose clamps.

Automatic Condensate Drains


Timed Solenoid Drains have an onboard timer with separate adjustments for how long the drain will stay open and the amount of time between openings. These operate on 115 volt power and can be plugged into any outlet. Some models include a strainer to keep debris from causing the valve to leak.

Ball Valve Automatic Drains are used in situations where a lot of solid contaminants are present. In addition to the features of the timed solenoid drains, ball valve drains have a self wiping action that prevents contaminants from causing leaks.

Float Type Automatic Drain valves use a float to actuate a drain mechanism when the drain body fills up with liquid. The advantage is that they close as soon as the liquid is discharged, so no compressed air is wasted.

Cal Supply's Zero Loss Condensate Drains are the best drains available in terms of performance and efficiency. They use a non-fouling ball valve drain mechanism that is pneumatically actuated (no power is needed). They close as soon as the liquid is discharged so no compressed air is wasted.


Belts & Pulleys

Cal Supply Co. can provide all types of drive belts as well as sheaves (pulleys) and bushings. We can also help in sizing v-belt drives for new applications.


We carry pressure and vacuum gauges in all grades and styles:


  • Liquid Filled
  • Bottom Mount
  • Back Mount
  • Panel Mount