The compressed air discharged by an air compressor contains a considerable quantity of water in the form of vapor. If this is not removed, much of it will condense in the distribution system and cause expensive damage to all the equipment and processes which use the air. An efficient airblast aftercooler is an effective means of eliminating a significant proportion of the water contained in the compressed air. The new AF range of airblast aftercoolers is the result of a development program which builds on the worldwide success of the existing range for even greater efficiency, reliability and economy in operation.

Main Technical Characteristics

  • Generously sized aluminum finned copper tube heat exchanger. .Heavy duty painted galvanized steel casing and legs.
  • Low noise fan and permanently lubricated high efficiency electric motor of top quality.
  • Compressed air connections: threaded up to 20 000 I/min. (700 cfm) and flanged on larger models.
  • Protective grilles for fan and heat exchanger.
  • High efficiency large capacity centrifugal condensate separator, fitted with a manual condensate drain. A choice of optional float or electrically operated auto drains in also available.


Compressed air flows through the tubes of the heat exchanger in counter-flow to the ambient air stream blown across the fins by the fan. As the compressed air cools, some of the water vapor it contains condenses. The condensed moisture is precipitated out of the air stream in the separator where it is discharged from the system.