New England Preventative Maintenance for Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air systems are workhorses of industry, powering manufacturing
and finishing processes for business sectors as diverse as food service, electronics, and pharmaceuticals. They are essential in automobile assembly and repair, power generation, machining, and manufacturing of wood and metal products. When an air compressor breaks down, this work comes to a halt. One of the best ways to avoid costly breakdowns and keep your compressed air system operating at peak efficiency is with a comprehensive maintenance plan from the service experts at Cal Supply Company.

Preventative & Predictive Maintenance Procedures

Avoiding equipment breakdowns is key to remaining profitable in today’s industrial environment, and maintaining a compressed air system that’s in constant use requires established protocols for inspection, maintenance, and aging component replacement.

Preventative maintenance plans are designed to prevent system deterioration by establishing maintenance procedures at regular intervals. These intervals are usually recommended by system manufacturers and based on industry testing. Preventative maintenance for compressed airsystems includes:

    • Checking & replacing filters & fluids
    • Adjusting belts & checking coupling alignments
    • Checking electrical connections
    • Cleaning condenser traps & filters
    • Detecting & fixing leaks in lines, connections & fittings
    • Cleaning heat sinks
    • Inspecting cooling fans on VFD drives

Predictive maintenance plans monitor compressed air systems to identify potential equipment failures before they occur. Often, advanced technologies are used to detect system misalignment, imbalance, worn or failing parts, and contamination. By identifying these problems and making adjustments or replacing components, it is possible to avoid breakdowns and subsequent productivity loss.

Comprehensive Preventative Maintenance from Cal Supply
Providing service that keeps our New England industrial customers up and running is a Cal Supply priority. Our factory-trained and certified technicians perform the regular routine maintenance required by leading manufacturers to keep warranties in effect. We also pinpoint inefficiencies and potential equipment failures in your systems with these diagnostic surveys:

    • Compressor Condition Survey
    • Compressed Air Piping Survey
    • Compressed Air Usage Survey
    • Ultra-sonic Leak Survey
    • Compressor kW Metering

Our findings and maintenance services are then documented, providing you with: a history of performed services, recommendation for future services, identification of potential problems, and a log of running hours.

With preventative maintenance from Cal Supply, there is no contract to sign or fee to prepay. You’ll receive free service reminders, friendly and responsive field service, 24-hour emergency repairs, and a maintenance plan that is adapted to your needs and your budget. Call 800.431.2212 to activate your Cal Supply preventative maintenance plan today!